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Believers Care Society

Contact: Alexander Iheme

Phone: 011434 189

Cell: 0735382855



Province: Gauteng

City: Johannesburg

NPO Number: 054-707

PBO Number: 930025132

More about Believers Care Society

Believers Care Society is a Non Profitable Public benefit Organization for the youth and their development. Our community-based youth development centres were established to address the developmental need of young people located in disadvantaged communities of South Africa.

Our projects are premised on sustainable livelihood and poverty alleviation, health promotion, social change and personal development programme. Our beneficiaries are youth between the ages of 18 and 35 years as the primary target group and wider community members of all ages as secondary beneficiaries.

Youth Poverty, unemployment and structural inequality remains the biggest challenges faced by the South African youth; with the unemployment rate at 36.6% in 2017 first quarter and 67.4% for those below the ages of 25 years, exacerbated by the onslaught of HIV/Aids Pandemic with staggering estimation of 7, 06 million people living with the Disease in 2017, where an estimated 18, 0% of the adults aged 15 – 49 years is HIV positive.
The vulnerability of young people comes with devastating social, political and economic implications.

At this juncture, young people may resort to crime, substance abuse, depression and discouragement, female youth prostitution, teenage pregnancy and unplanned parenthood, they may experience abuse, exploitation and vicious generational poverty cycle as is evident in various disadvantaged communities we serve.

It is on these facts that our programme approach is therefore structured; to meet the holistic need of the youth in addressing the barriers to their socio-economic mainstreaming and participation, it is also to redressing their faith to believe again that fulfilment of young dreams and life purpose is possible.

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