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Cradle Of Hope

Contact: Melodie van Brakel

Phone: 011 660 46

Cell: 082 459 57



Province: Gauteng

City: Krugersdorp

NPO Number: 062-511

PBO Number: 930027742

More about Cradle Of Hope

THE CRADLE OF HOPE is a NON PROFIT ORGANISATION focussing on assisting women and children in desperate need. We offer HELP and HOPE regardless of race or religion, offering a “HAND-UP” and not a “HAND-OUT”, Because We Care! The ladies, young girls and children that come to our House of Restoration have all been the victims of severe abuse and violence, such as suffering sexual trauma, domestic violence, being ex-prostitutes and victims of human trafficking, having backgrounds of drug addictions, being in jail etc. At our HOUSE OF RESTORATION we accommodate the ladies together with their children, thereby keeping the family together as a unit. Here they are comforted, receive counselling and are taught many skills. After a couple of months they leave the house and return to society where they become productive members of society and can fend for themselves and for their children, and are then self-sustainable.

Interesting Stats


  • In the 9 years that our HOUSE OF RESTORATION has been operational hundreds of mothers with their children, as well as young teenage girls have passed through our programmes and today they are strong, functional, self-sustainable members of their own societies. Many of these ladies have made their pain their Purpose and are now paying forward what they were taught at THE CRADLE OF HOPE. Many of them have started their own rape and sexual abuse support groups, support groups for substance abuse addicts, support groups for single parents etc. A couple of the women have also started assisting women and children in desperate need in their own homes. Paying Forward your Blessings! And always being grateful.