Overview Video

E-Kasi Educational Initiative

Contact: Justin Mavhunga

Cell: 0769666438


Province: Gauteng

City: Soweto

More about E-Kasi Educational Initiative

E-kasi Educational Initiative is a non-profit company that educates its local youth. They teach the local youth in math, science, accounting. They also have courses in career guidance, how to handle stress, how to deal with child abuse, social development, peer pressure. They are open during weekends and school holidays for those who cannot attend school full time. The school's classes run from 8:00 in the morning till half-past 3 in the afternoon. The school has 450 learners from the ages of 16-18.The school helps more than one school in the area. What the initiative would like is lunch packs for their breaks, stationary, books, scholarships for colleges and universities and a copy machine for its teachers.

Ongoing Needs
  • Donations for various projects
    Monthly Utilities
    Office Supplies