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Hands of Honour

Contact: Paul Taljaard

Cell: 0721389150



Province: Western Cape

City: Cape Town

More about Hands of Honour

Hands of Honour create employment for marginalized men who find themselves at soup kitchens in Cape Town.
We make furniture from unwanted goods, which we get from companies who donate their obsolete stock rather than send to landfill.

One of the products we make, the Angel Classroom on Wheels, is a special fold-up mini library for children in pre-school or early learning centres (Early childhood Development). The Angel Classroom on Wheels has won :

Winner - Swarm Vision Global ''Future of education 2016''
Finalist - SA Edu -Week Awards 2017

While longitudinal studies show that children who are exposed to early learning do well at school and later on in life, sadly in SA 60% of children under 4 are not exposed to any form early learning programs at all. Hands of Honour have collaborated with an early expert to create the Angel Classroom on Wheels.

Here is a summary of the benefits of the Angel Classroom on Wheels:
* A compact and secure storage unit for books and teaching aids (Space Saver)
* A central point from which the Educator delivers lessons (Something vital in overcrowded Edu-Cares)
* A place where Learners can explore the concepts taught ,using the stored teaching aids
* A mobile classroom library with age appropriate reading material
* A Puppet Theatre with Puppets

Especially designed for Township Early Learning Centres which are often overcrowded under resourced and where space is a huge challenge
It supports THREE main learning areas:
*Life -Skills

There are eight activity boards affixed to the rear that support the main pillars of Early Learning. The unit easily manages to keep a whole classroom engrossed in an educational activity at any given time, see the concentration on the children's faces and as they play they learn a whole range of skills including FINE MOTOR SKILLS, literacy, numeracy, life skills, MOVEMENT and BALANCE, shapes, sorting and matching by colour and shades of colour, motor control and co-ordination through threading small pieces, SPATIAL and SEQUENTIAL skills, hand-eye co-ordination , concentration, thinking skills, perseverance and creativity.

So far, we have distributed 55 units to 66 desperately poor Edu -Cares and children's centres. We hope to reach 100 centres by the end of the year.