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Khomanani Sofaya Drop-In Centre

Contact: Vicon Mahole

Cell: 079 444 22

Province: Mpumalanga

City: Zoeknog

More about Khomanani Sofaya Drop-In Centre

The organisation was started on 23 August 2015 when Vicon could no longer sit idly by while he saw so many young children going hungry. He founded the centre in the very rural Zoeknog area. The centre is desperately trying to develop the area but they have no assistance. They currently assist 305 children on a daily basis with food, help with homework and various activities to keep them safely off the streets. They are n urgent need of assistance with food as Vicon currently supplies the food with his own funds, which seems to never be enough.

Ongoing Needs
  • Food
    Renovation of Centre
    Funds for Various Projects