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Majeje Drop-In-Centre

Contact: Agnes Mkahri

Cell: 76 198 493


Province: Limpopo

City: Phalaborwa

More about Majeje Drop-In-Centre

The organisation started in 2013 when Agnes saw the severe poverty that the children in her community where living in. Now the organisation cares for 85 children aged 9-16.She assists them with a place to go after school where they can receive help with their homework and she gives them the education and motivation they need to stay away from drugs and alcohol - something she is very passionate about. She also allows the children to bring their laundry to be washed by the centre to help them keep pride in their appearance.

The centre is helping the community by keeping the youth occupied and focusing their energy on building a better future. She also provides meals that to some will be the only food they will receive that day. The centre is in desperate need of donations in various forms as she hopes to grow to be able to assist more children in the future.

Ongoing Needs
  • Food
    Renovation of Centre
    Funds for Various Projects