Overview Video

Matule Elderly Care

Contact: Rudzani Mathogo

Cell: 0734369136

Province: Limpopo

City: Thohoyandou

More about Matule Elderly Care

Matule Elderly Care was started by Rudzani Mathogo in 2015. They take care of the elderly in Nwamondo-Mathule, Limpopo. They have 47 elderly people all over the age of 60. What they do for the elderly is go to their homes and if the elderly have caregivers they tech the caregivers how to take care of them, how to deal with elderly sicknesses and elderly changes, teach them the dietary needs of the elderly and how to give them their medicine. They keep the elderly busy with activities such as exercise 3 times a week, dance classes, teach them how to weave and they on weekly trips to pick the fruit of the Marula to make Marula juice that they sell as an extra source of income. What Methule Elderly care needs is money to renovate their building, food parcels, wool, weaving material, table and chairs.

Ongoing Needs
  • Food
    Renovation of Centre
    Monthly Utilities
    Funds for Various Projects