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Nkanyezi Stimulation Centre

Contact: Thembekile Tshabalala

Phone: 0791858231

Cell: 0791858231



Province: Gauteng

City: Soweto

NPO Number: 016-868

PBO Number: 930030054

More about Nkanyezi Stimulation Centre

Nkanyezi is the only Centre offering stimulation and development services for children with severe or profound disabilities in Orlando West Gardens, Soweto. The Centre was named in memory of the late Nkanyezi Mark Tshabalala born 4 January 1989 in Orlando West, Soweto and died on 30 September 2000. Nkanyezi suffered from Cerebral Palsy with Hydrocephalus, Epileptic and was a wheelchair user. He inspired his mother Thembekile Prisca Tshabalala to form a support group in 1998. Prisca then led the formation of a Centre for children with multiple disabilities for loving care, stimulation, education and safety. Nkanyezi serves 60 needy poorest children from 3 to 17 years who have vastly differing degrees of physical and mental ability. Most of these children are wheelchairs users, they are lonely and need humanitarian love and support.