Overview Video

Sinothando Day Care

Contact: Lindelwa Dudu

Cell: 073 224134

Province: KwaZulu-Natal

City: Umzimkulu

More about Sinothando Day Care

The organisation was founded in 2013 after Lindelwa could no longer stand seeing vulnerable children in the street during the day. She felt that just because their parents where poor they did not deserve to live like that. So she opened her home and currently is responsibly for 30 lives - lives that she values and makes sure that she gives her best to them every single day. She makes sure that they are fed healthy meals and that they receive the foundational education that they deserve. The organisation is in need of donations of food to be able to grow and assist more children in the future.

Ongoing Needs
  • Food
    Renovation of Centre
    Monthly Utilities
    Educational Toys