Overview Video

Sonwabiswa Community Project

Contact: Nomonde Mkgelane

Cell: 0739701283


Province: Eastern Cape

City: Kwenoguthe

NPO Number: 118-391

More about Sonwabiswa Community Project

The Sonwabiswa Community Project was founded in 2012 Nomonde Mkgelane was troubled by the amount of orphans that where being rejected and ignored she decided to create a space where these children who have such a hard life go to receive some love and affection. The centre provides healthy meals to the 150 children they assist on a daily basis, they are not only fed healthy meals but they are also given a safe space to socialise with other children in their positions this often gives them the ability to handle the pressures better because they know that they are not alone in their struggle. This helps them open their hearts to change. The centre also assist 50 adults who have had hard walk in live, and the centre gives them the hope and the help that they need to have a better life. The centre is hoping to grow to be able to assist more lives in and in doing so change the community one life at a time.

Ongoing Needs
  • Food
    Upgrading of Centre
    Funds for various projects