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Tsibogang Christian Action Group

Contact: Paballo

Cell: 0739377588


Province: North West

City: Lomanyane Village

More about Tsibogang Christian Action Group

The Organisation started in 2002 after some community member saw the devastating affect that poverty had on the children in the community. With no structure or places to go after school many teens would turn to alcohol and without early learning centres they saw the lack of education have a detrimental affect on the children schooling when they finally made it to grade one. The Christian action group took it upon themselves to create a network of organisation to assist the youth in the Lomanyane village have a better chance at a brighter future, the organisation consist of 2 early learning centres and 5 after school programs. They are committed to providing healthy meals, assistance with homework and giving children the basic foundation to a good education that they need in order to have a better life. No only to they feed them and teach them but they are committed to providing counselling in guidance to the youth in the area who often have had to grow up before their time. They Currently look after 1544 children on a daily basis across their community and has become a pillar of hope for the youth in the area.

Ongoing Needs
  • Monthly Utilities