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Umphumela Drop-In Centre

Contact: Mary Potwana

Cell: 0620921563

Province: Mpumalanga

City: eMbalenhle

More about Umphumela Drop-In Centre

Mary Potwana lives in the small community of Embalenhle in Mpumalanga. For the past 17 years, Mary has taken in countless of street children and orphans who lost their parents to the harsh realities of this life. Currently, the Umpmela Dropping Centre houses 92 children giving them the complete care, that each of them will know what the love they deserve. Mary provides them with everything a Loving biological mother would, making sure they are fed, ensuring the have a high regard for hygiene, she also makes sure that they go to school and do their homework daily, then offering them a mobile library to expand their thirst for knowledge. With such a high rate of poverty, you cannot help but think what would have happened to all of these precious lives if it wasn’t for Mary and the Umpmela Drop-in Centre.

Ongoing Needs
  • Food
    Clothes and Blankets